Spiritual Medium & Intuitive Life Coach

Helping people connect to love, light, and inner healing through connecting to divine purpose, loved ones who have passed, and our spiritual team.

Hi, my name is Camber Wilson. I am an Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Medium. After a lifetime of adversity being my greatest test and most powerful teacher, I was lead to healing and a deeper sense of purpose behind life through my connection to spirit. I work with others to find that same healing, love, light, and peace within their own lives by helping others connect to themselves, their team, purpose and loved ones that have passed on. I do this work because within our darkest moments in life, I want people to know that we are never truly alone and that we do not loose the people we love. We are always being lead, loved and supported by a loving Creator and devoted Team.

There are no perfect words to describe my call with Camber. I don’t feel alone as I did before and call on my angels and spirit guide for guidance now. I am taking time for me to heal from past hurts and harm. I realized its absolutely ok to be where I am right at this moment in life. It was a wonderful experience and I do hope to call on her again. Thank you Camber!!!!

W. Wilson

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” William Shakespeare

What to expect plus pre-reading exercise and information.