All readings run about 45 to 60 minutes long, and are always for your highest good, wellbeing, and purpose.

Spirit Readings


Angel Reading

Angel Readings are reading set with the intention to connect primarily with Loved Ones in the Light as well as your Spirit Team. Loved Ones in the Light are those we have known and loved in life who have passed on. Including: friends, family, children, miscarriages (of any kind, including abortion), and animals. This reading is designed to help you connect with those loved ones, get validation of their continued existence, receive loving uplifting messages, and to support you in life and in healing. $183


Spirit Team Reading

Spirit Team Readings are readings with the intention to connect primarily with your Spirit Team. This reading is to assist you in connecting to your Guides and Angels. It can also help with getting clarity on life decisions, accessing life planning, and finding direction and purpose. Guides and Angels from the light will never tell you exactly what to do, because they won’t take away your free will or agency, but they can help point you in the right direction. $183


2 Person Reading

2 Person Readings can be for any two people (you don’t have to be a couple). Couples Readings work similarly to individual readings with messages coming through for each individual. I recommend that both people be looking to contact similar individuals in spirit, that way the reading tends to be more detailed and not go by so quickly. $260

Intuitive Development


"Intuitive Development" Packages

We are all souls having a physical experience and all hold the ability to connect more deeply to our own intuition, loved ones on the other side, as well as our spiritual teams. Working with me looks like becoming more in touch with yourself, finding inner healing, learning how to practice your intuitive abilities, as well as raising your vibration and being on a more connected road of peace and divine inspiration. One, 1-hour session $115; 3, 60-minute sessions $330; 5, 60-minute sessions for $525

Intuitive Life Coaching

Get Unstuck. Find Healing and Direction. Create Uplifting Lifestyle Changes. Own Personal Power. Achieve Goals


Standard Appointment

60-minute phone or in-person appointment. $115


"On The Path" Package

Three, 60-minute phone or in-person appointments. $335


"Forward With Direction" Package

Five, 60-minute phone or in-person appointments. $550


"Journey To Empowerment" Package

Ten, 60-minute phone or in-person appointments. $1,100

Please note that Intuitive Life Coaching is not a Reading. If you are looking to connect to your spirit team directly, please schedule a spirit team reading. Life Coaching is structured differently, and while I open up and invite in your team assist in your growth and direction, I will not be communicating messages directly from them. Please contact me if you have any questions.