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What To Expect From Your Reading & How To Prepare

It’s normal to feel both nervous and excited for your reading. Below I outline what to expect and how to prepare.

What To Expect

I’m a Spiritual Medium, which simply put, means I can see, feel and hear those in spirit. Inside of a reading I try to clear my mind of my own thoughts and act as the communicator for those on the other side. Each person in spirit communicates differently, just like we do in life, but as I receive messages through feeling, pictures, and automatic communications, whatever I receive I just pass onto you. If something fits I ask that you let me know, which will strengthen my connection with that spirit, but I also ask that you don’t force information to fit.

The best way to get the most out of your reading is to be calm and relaxed the day of the reading. Some nerves are perfectly normal, but try to take a few minutes before the reading to connect to self and get centered. The best readings come through when the sitter, you, come with an open, understanding, loving heart, ready to receive what spirit is working so hard to bring through, and not holding onto one specific answer. I like to compare working with spirit to raising kids. No one likes to be told what to do or who to be. A reading is really the highest exercise in being present, loving what is, excepting what is to come, and trusting in life as a process.

How To Prepare

To prepare for your reading I recommend having a rough idea of why you are seeking out a reading and also involve the people you are wishing to connect with on the other side. To begin, have a paper and pencil. You can light a candle or play some soft relaxing music, but take a moment and get quite and try to quite your heart and mind. Speak out loud to who it is you are wishing to connect with during your reading. Invite them to your reading by telling them the time and date, and that you would like them to come through and why. Talk to them as if you would talk to them in life because they are still people and they are still living. On the piece of paper, write down any question you would like answered and keep this paper accessible during your reading. Do Not Send Me These Questions! Thank the person for being with you, and I always recommend finishing by expressing love and gratitude.

Before your reading, try to find some time to get quite and relax. The more relaxed and open you are, the easier the connection is made.

Also recognize the signs before your reading. A lot of people will think about what’s going to be said, what’s not going to be said, who’s going to show up, what if no one shows up. Take this time as an opportunity to start connecting with your team, your loved ones, and yourself. Recognize the energy around you and within you. Spirit will already start giving you messages the second you start opening that door. Be mindful or your thoughts. Be mindful of what answers are already coming to you and trust that. Whatever ‘that’ is for you, realize that as you are stepping forward to connect, ask for help, or look more deeply for answers, you are opening a door to allow heaven’s help to extending to you. Give yourself permission, allow angels to assist you, and trust the uplifting impressions from your loving team on the other side.