Janean Q.

     Yesterday Camber Wilson and my son Sean worked together to bring me hope. Hearing the small nuances that distinguished the reading as none other than my loving first born was mind blowing.
Camber started the reading with a prayer that ended “in Jesus’ name amen” which resonated with my beliefs and gave me an extra layer of comfort and permission that I was in the right place. It was my first reading and I know that it won’t be my last. It opened the door for ongoing daily communication from my son that is miraculous to my wounded heart/soul.
Camber is humble, gentle and so genuine. She is newer in the field and states that she is still honing her skills but what she was able to bring through was perfect for our first attempt. My gratitude can’t be described in words.

Sincerely and Gratefully,
Janean Q

Stephanie G.

     I can’t thank Camber enough for the gift she has given me from my reading with her. First off I waited for her call, my palms sweaty and my heart was beating so quickly. Surely she would not be able to tell me anything that would make sense but still hopeful for something… I didn’t know what.
I don’t think I told her but she kept seeing green around me. Before her call I chose a quiet park surrounded by beautiful green grass and huge green trees. That made me smile.
Camber was super easy to talk with and while she was sharing insight for me I really felt like I was talking to a friend. She shares what is passed on to her just for you and it’s amazing. Spot on! I felt loved and protected. There are no perfect words to describe my call with Camber. I don’t feel alone as I did before and call on my angels and spirit guide for guidance now. I am taking time for me to heal from past hurts and harm. I realized its absolutely ok to be where I am right at this moment in life. It was a wonderful experience and I do hope to call on her again.
Thank you Camber!!!!

W. Wilson

     I just wanted to take the time and tell you about how amazing and life changing my reading with Camber Wilson was. I recorded it and have been listening to it about once a week. It’s interesting how the guidance and direction is now helping my work and in my relationships. Things that were said are now making sense. Camber definitely has the gift, give her a chance if your on the fence about getting your own personal reading. It is truly life changing and awesome!!

Laurie G.

         I recently contacted Camber as I had been feeling a sense of urgency that there was a plan for me, something that I was suppose to do. I asked Camber if she could help me with this through a reading over the phone. During this incredible journey my Master Spirit Guide came through, this was a thrill of a lifetime, he spoke in depth of me, and my life, future, present and past. Helper Spirits, Angels, family members, Pets and even some of the Wild Life Rescue animals I had raised from babies showed up to my surprise and delight!! Camber is a professional medium that makes your journey personal and fun as well as an experience you will never forget. I look forward to many more connections using Camber’s talent.

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